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The CIF is the peak industry association for manufacturers of clinker, cement and cement products in Australia. Our membership accounts for 100 per cent of Australian integrated clinker and cement production.

More than 5,000 people are directly or indirectly involved in the production of clinker and cement – mostly in regional areas.

Decarbonisation Pathways for the Australian Cement and Concrete Sector

VDZ, a world-renowned research centre providing practical and quality-oriented joint research and services in the field of cement and concrete, was recently commissioned to undertake a study to better understand the technologies and practices necessary to decarbonise Australian cement and concrete.

The resulting report identifies eight decarbonisation pathways and key research requirements, and demonstrates that the Australian cement and concrete industry can meet its declared ambition to deliver net zero carbon cement & concrete by 2050.

The sector understands the challenge of decarbonising by 2050, which will require significant regulatory, technological, structural and behavioural changes across all segments of the cement and concrete value chain.

The Australian cement and concrete sector is now developing engagement plans based on the identified pathways to implement the key recommendations of the report and is committed to reviewing progress on a regular basis.

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Decarbonisation Pathways for the Australian Lime Sector

The CIF, on behalf of its members (AdBri Ltd, Boral Ltd and Cement Australia Pty Ltd), and Graymont commissioned VDZ to conduct a study to chart the key pathways to decarbonise the Australian lime industry.

The report provides key information about the sector, an analysis of the available decarbonisation pathways, as well as prerequisites for successfully decarbonising the lime sector.

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