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Local Impacts

The Australian cement industry continues to recognise the vital importance of maintaining its community licence to operate. The industry has pursued this goal primarily through established community liaison groups at each CIF member company integrated clinker/cement operation.

CIF member companies have adopted the Cement Sustainability Initiative's Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Guidelines, and have committed to utilising the guidelines as a reference point.   

A range of local impacts resulting from plant operations require specific management by CIF member companies, including: water use, mine site rehabilitation, air quality monitoring, evaluation and improvement as well as noise management.

The Cement Industry Federation has collected water consumption data consistently since 2008 and member companies have taken an active interest in water consumption figures within their businesses.

Total water consumption has been reduced by around 20 per cent since 2008. Total water use for the industry was 5.4 GL in 2016-17 (91% non-potable, 7% potable, 2% plant supplied/recycled).